As part of one of 25 artist labs supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste we are happy to announce our Artist Lab “collective (un)learning spaces” taking place from 1.–4. September at PATHOS München. 

We invite 10 BI*POC artists, cultural workers and producers to take part in a series of interdisciplinary “collective (un)learning spaces”. Over the course of 3 days participants are invited to attend several workshop-like spaces in which we engage different topics from an artistic point of view.


As BI*POC our experiences directly impact our work. Trying to find (and stick) to your own voice in an artistic world that is dominated by the white gaze is challenging at best. We want to create a room for BI*POC artists, cultural workers, and producers to approach questions about aesthetics, work environment, representation, and discrimination from an artistic point of view. The general idea is to create an empowering space for marginalized artists in which we can challenge eurocentric forms of knowledge and artistic production.

We are planning a two-step program, starting with interdisciplinary “collective (un)learning spaces” for BI*POC artists, producers and cultural workers. During this phase, we aim for “safer spaces” that empower and provide conditions for experimental approaches and creative exchange. This is where we thrive. This is what we do best. And – if we want to talk about how the (independent) art world needs to change – this is where we need to start in order to engage in a discourse that is informed by BI*POC artists, experiences and practices.

Following this weekend, we want to step out of our “safer spaces” and engage in a dialogue about the process, experiences, and insights. We invite everybody to meet us for a public discourse and network Event:

Changing Perspectives <Decoding the Eurocentric> takes place on the 4th of September, 4pm at Schwere Reiter (Halle), Dachauer Straße 114 a, 80636 München

Let’s (ex)change perspectives on decoding the Eurocentric – together!

NOTE: Live and Streaming (This is a hybrid event with live audience and streaming via YouTube)

Keith Zenga King

Mehr über Keith

Keith is joining B(S)H as curator and artistic director for our Artist Lab „collective (un)learning spaces“.

Keith Zenga King is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, curator and theatre maker from Uganda based in Munich. Her work lives at the intersection of queer discourse, performance and politics. Before fleeing to exile in Europe, she worked to advance the rights of Queer and Trans Ugandans. They founded Queer collective that since evolved into ANTI MASS which reclaims space for queers, femmes and other minorities while exploring new potentials for sound and artistic expression in an increasingly regressive social climate. Since fleeing into exile, Keith Zenga Kings work has explored creating new textures and embodiments at the nexus of intersectional identities at which she lives. She has curated festivals as well as worked as a Dramaturg for queer productions such as Queer and Quer at the Ballhaus Naunystrasse Berlin, Endangered Species at Sophiensalle Berlin and Las Templas at the Tanzhaus Zurich.

Jota Ramos

More about Jota

Jota Ramos (b.1989, BraSil) is a transmasculine multidisciplinary artist. Through performance and other practices his work seek to bring a poetic reflection as a healing space thinking about how to portray the authenticity of the brown body in a genuine way, as a light-skinned black.

Jasmine A. Prim

More about Jasmine

My name is Jasmine Ańnae Prim, and I’m from Indiana, USA. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Art Therapy, I lived and worked as an educator in South Korea for two years, and relocated to Berlin in the autumn of 2017 to continue my work as a bilingual (now English/Deutsch) educator, and to establish myself as an independent curator and DEI consultant in the Berlin Arts & Culture sector. My hobbies and interests include galleries and museums, nature walks, audiobooks, Spekulatius cookies, alternative aesthetics, and moose.

Carlos Carima

More about Carlos

Carlos Carima is an Angolan born freelance creative artist, poet & writer. Right now he is interested in figurative painting with abstract notes. He likes to play with political statements that go along with the current issues. He also uses the t-shirt as a running canvas to convey messages. Now he is busy conveying the messages in his paintings.

He creates art in the spaces to open others and for himself. His artistrische attitude, is to be considered from an anti-racist and feminist point of view.

Under the blog, he publishes texts.

Translated with (free version)

Célia N’Noko A Birang

More about Célia

Célia is an interdisciplinary visual artist from Hamburg, currently studying Communication Design. She uses her art as a tool to visually deal with and reflect on thoughts and feelings, which revolve around topics about self – That includes gender, cultural and decolonial, (queer) feminist considerations. With a rather process oriented and intuitive approach, her art form varies but with a preference for paintings and sculptures.


More about Eiliyas

Eiliyas is a Macon born, Atlanta bred, Berlin-based artist working with music, sound design, creative writing and conceptual art. He also is host and curator of Mixtape Menage, a platform for becoming familiar with creators and cultural facilitators of the world through sound.

Marcela Gloria

More about Marcela

Marcela Gloria (she/her) is a mexican graphic designer and llustrator. Her illustration work explores the world of the femenine, the construction of self love and mental health.

Yara Richter

More about Yara

Yara is an artist, mother, student, and art mediator based in Stuttgart. She currently explores “black noise” as a framework for imagining decolonised art and cultural practices from an Afrogerman, intersectional eco-feminist perspective. Falling into the nexus of sound, text, voice and movement, Yara’s solo- and collective works range from interventions and durational performances to sound pieces, videos and mini-publications.

Yazan Abou Hassoun

More about Yazan

Yazan Abo Hassoun is a theater educator, freelance project manager and event manager from Syria. Multiculturalism has shaped and defined him and he draws his energy from it. He would not call himself an artist, but a creative spirit, be it organizing a multicultural pop party, painting, theater, acting, handicrafts, sewing, crocheting, making costumes from simple pieces and old things, to invent and create something new. Where he sees the potential, he has to touch and change, so that he meets his desires.

Collective (un)learning spaces” is produced in cooperation between BITTER (SWEET) HOMEand PATHOS München. It takes place as one of 25 artist labs supported byFondsDarstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture andMedia within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.